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Headed by Dr. Dhaval Mehta

We are proud to be Ahmedabad's leading multidisciplinary physiotherapy clinic, allowing us to match you to your ideal therapist. Our team of experienced health care professionals like Dr.Dhaval Mehta, dedicated to getting you better. Whatever your goals are, we are committed to helping you improve in a professional and friendly manner. We offer physiotherapy, Arthritis, cervical spondylosis, soft tissue injuries and personal training in our bright and modern Shivam Orthopaedic Hospital & Joint Replacement Centre at Vastrapur in Ahmedabad.

Physiotherapists at Shivam Orthopaedic Hospital & Joint Replacement Centre are educated in anatomy, physiology, physical function and injury. We use this knowledge to assess, restore and maintain your physical ability. Trained to treat people of all ages. With their extensive experience, especially with orthopedics, our therapists have tremendous results in treating a variety of patients. Our goals are to improve mobility and strength, to relieve pain and to restore physical function. Addressing both your most obvious symptoms and identifying underlying issues, our Physiotherapists are trained to provide you with individualized treatment that will continue to heal and align your body. This enables you to resume your regular activities of daily living including work, school, recreational activities and personal care.

Our patients come to Shivam Orthopaedic Hospital & Joint Replacement Centre Physiotherapy because their doctor has recommended our services or someone they know has been a patient of ours and recommended our clinic. The Physiotherapists are highly skilled and knowledgeable with a caring and professional approach to your rehabilitation needs. We know recovering from your accident or injury is not only painful but stressful. We also understand that our patients are busy and want to reach their goals in a timely and effective manner. We strive to get our patients back to their activities as soon as it is appropriate and safe for them to do so.

Our doctors of physical therapy are movement specialists who utilize both manual therapy and individual tailored exercises to get you back to doing the things you love. They create a personalized, corrective exercise program focused to target your specific impairments. We understand you want to get better as soon as possible. At Shivam Orthopaedic Hospital & Joint Replacement Centre, your first visit includes your assessment as well as the start of your treatment. We also understand that you have questions about your injury or condition, how long it will take before you are better, etc. Therefore, we encourage you to ask us any questions, any time.

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