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Pain Management

Headed by Dr. Hemaxi Ambani

Don't accept pain. Let us help.,Our philosophy is simple: Pain should be managed only as medically necessary, and in such cases conservatively and under the close monitoring of specialists with state-of-the-art knowledge. Whether your pain is persistent or acute, at SHIVAM PAIN MANAGEMENT CENTRE, with the world's best medical team on your side, you will receive honest, expert, personalized care. Our doctors have been consistently ranked among the best in pain management in Vastrapur, Ahmedabad.

If you had a heart problem, you'd see a cardiologist. If you're in pain, you should see a specialty-trained pain management physician. Whether your pain stems from nagging back pain, an acute injury, a recent operation, osteoarthritis or complex regional pain syndrome, our certified pain management physicians are driven to understand your pain and treat it - whether it be in our Special Procedures Unit or in one of our exam rooms. You will be evaluated and treated by a team of physicians with the interest, clinical expertise, cutting-edge training and skill to relieve your pain and restore your life.

Dr.Hemaxi Ambani is the founder and director of SHIVAM PAIN MANAGEMENT CENTRE located in Vastrapur, Ahmedabad. In addition to Dr.Hemaxi Ambani's impressive credentials and experience, she brings tremendous energy, passion, and a positive attitude. Dr.Hemaxi Ambani is an outstanding addition to the SHIVAM ORTHOPAEDIC HOSPITAL & JOINT REPLACEMENT CENTRE and will help to lead future growth and success.

SHIVAM PAIN MANAGEMENT CENTRE at Vastrapur a location where doctors offer solutions to intractable pain. Many primary care doctors refer their patients to pain clinics when they have exhausted other methods of pain relief. SHIVAM PAIN MANAGEMENT CENTRE often uses a multidisciplinary approach to help people take an active role in managing their pain and regaining control of their life. These programs are focused on the total person, not just the pain.

The Department of SHIVAM ORTHOPAEDIC HOSPITAL & JOINT REPLACEMENT CENTRE for Special Surgery is a world leader in the practice of regional pain management for orthopedics. Our expert staff provides exemplary care throughout all stages of your experience. If you are seeking pain management care, please visit our SHIVAM PAIN MANAGEMENT CENTRE

Our Purpose is to help our patients in every way we can. We help people manage their pain & resume more normal, productive lives. "To cure sometimes, to relieve often, & to support always" is our guiding principle.

Our philosophy is that the "Pain relief is basic human right. It must be treated."

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