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Headache (Pain Management Service)

Headed by Dr. Hemaxi Ambani

Headaches and Migraines are the most common neurological disorders suffered by Indians, but arguably the most poorly treated. These awful conditions can range from a mild annoyance in your day to day function, to severely debilitating.

Patients who suffer with headaches and migraines commonly report:

  •  They are taking too much medication, and often doesn't work
  •  Family members, employers and their health professionals don't believe how much the headaches and migraines are impacting their day to day life
  •  Immense fear that an attack will come
  •  They need to plan their entire life around the possibility of an attack
  •  Feeling anxious and depressed about having to live with the condition
  •  Dissatisfaction with their current medical and health plan.

We have built our entire practice around solving these problems. Headache and Migraine, like any other medical condition, can only be treated effectively if the diagnosis is correct. When we say diagnosis, we don't just mean giving it a label. We mean:

  •  Understanding what the precise cause of your individual headache or migraine is (it might not be what you think)
  •  Appreciating the impact that having headaches and migraines has on you, your family, your friends and your life
  •  Having an awareness of how headache and migraine is impacting your mental health
  •  Being aware of the social, cultural, financial and personal barriers that have meant you haven't been able to get on top of things yet.

Living with chronic pain can be very difficult and the impact on a patient's life and overall well-being can be profound. At the Shivam Pain Management Centre, we believe that while many patients suffer with similar types of pain, each case is different and unique. Accordingly, each patient needs to have their own individual treatment process. This begins with a thorough and detailed consultation with Dr.Hemaxi Ambani during which the various contributing factors to the pain are identified. These may include physical factors (including trauma such as whiplash injury or poor ergonomics in a workplace setting and postural issues), emotional factors (such as anxiety or depression), situational factors (such as interpersonal difficulties with others in the home, work or other social settings) as well as various other factors. Once the assessment is completed, a treatment plan is devised to address all identified factors which are contributing to the overall pain and may include lifestyle modification (including dietary modification), recommendations for various forms of physical therapy, involvement of other medical professionals in the treatment process and, if necessary, use of interventional treatment.
After this diagnostic process is completed, we provide the most comprehensive treatment plan to help get things back on track. Your treatment plan is tailored individually to your goals, your individual condition, and your personal circumstances.
Your treatment plan will include:

  •  Goals set for the individual outcome that you want.
  •  The expected number of sessions and how long it will take
  •  The exact treatment tools and methods that will be undertaken in the clinic through the journey
  •  The lifestyle changes and exercises that you will need to complete in your own time to give yourself the best chance getting a good outcome.
  •  The dates for when a full re-assessment will be undertaken to ensure you are still on the right track.
  •  There is a page dedicated to all of the different types of headaches and migraines we treat - where you can find out more information tailored just for you and your headache, migraine or facial pain type.

Types of Headache and Migraine we Treat:

  •  Migraine (with and without aura)
  •  Tension Headache
  •  Cluster Headaches
  •  Cervicogenic Headache (ie. from the neck)
  •  Vestibular Headache and Migraine
  •  Other Headache, Migraine and Facial Pain Condition

Shivam Pain Management Centre is a multi-disciplinary center that uses a collaborative approach to treatment and is experienced in the care of complex or difficult-to-treat headache conditions. Please contact us with any changes or corrections.

Dr.Hemaxi Ambani and our group of dedicated doctors and front staff at Shivam Pain Management Centre are here to provide the highest standard of care to our patients to adequately meet their medical needs.

We value Excellence in patient care, Leadership, Innovation, Effective teamwork and partnerships, Social responsibility, and Accountability.


Shivam pain management centre is one of the top chronic pain management clinic/centers in Ahmedabad,Gujarat, India with highly experienced pain specialists offer pain management services in private set up which is running successfully since 2006. Our Purpose is to help our patients in every way we can. We help people manage their pain & resume more normal, productive lives. "To cure sometimes, to relieve often, & to support always" is our guiding principle