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Neck Pain (Pain Management Service)

Headed by Dr. Hemaxi Ambani

Has neck pain become a nuisance in your daily life? You may want to consider neck pain treatment at Shivam Pain Management Centre. We offer a range of pain management services at Shivam Pain Management Centre at Vastrapur in Ahmedabad

Neck pain is discomfort in the neck that is caused by any diseases or structures in the neck region. In addition to the pain itself, conditions that cause neck pain may also produce headaches, stiffness, or pain in the throat or surrounding areas. In most cases, the causes of neck pain are fairly clear. These causes may include:

  •  Sprained, strained, or inflamed muscles
  •  Injury
  •  Arthritis
  •  Herniated disc

Once your neck pain has been fully assessed with a physical exam and any related tests, a diagnosis can be made. With all the essential information about your condition and severity of the neck pain, doctors can discuss treatment options in full. Orthopedic spine specialists Dr.Hemaxi Ambani may recommend noninvasive treatments for mild cervical spine disorders or neck strain. Some cases of neck pain respond well to:

  •  Application of ice/heat
  •  Pain management medication
  •  Anti-inflammatory drugs
  •  Stretching exercises
  •  Physical therapy
  •  Lifestyle adjustments (correct posture, ergonomic desk seating, pillows, sleep positions, etc.)
At Shivam Pain Management Centre, we offer a variety of treatments for neck pain so you can find relief regardless of the cause of your condition.

Conservative options are very effective in treating neck pain. Surgery may be a last resort if these solutions dont provide the relief you need.

Physical Therapy A trained physical therapist guides you in exercises and stretches designed to strengthen your neck, improve your balance and flexibility, and improve range of motion all benefits that can alleviate your symptoms. Your therapist may suggest cervical traction, which stretches your neck to reduce compression.

Medication Medications include over-the-counter and prescription anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxers, steroids, nerve-pain medicines, and more. Our doctors balance medication recommendations with risks of side effects, dependency, or other unwanted reactions.

Injections Epidural steroid injections treat inflammation and pain right at the source of your pinched spinal cord or nerve roots. Using X-ray imaging to guide them, doctors numb your skin and place a needle into the epidural space in your spine. Youll feel pressure during this. The medicine usually begins working within a few days to a week. Youll be able to return to normal activities the following day

Short-Term Bracing In some cases, including trauma and fractures or instability of the spine, your doctors may recommend wearing a rigid or semi-rigid neck brace for a short time. This stabilizes your spine, allowing it to heal and helping prevent additional injury.

Acupuncture Acupuncture uses fine needles placed strategically in the skin to relieve pain. We offer this treatment as a complement to your regular treatment plan, not as a substitute.

Team of Specialists Our team includes physiatrists (physical medicine and rehabilitation doctors) like Dr.Hemaxi Ambani Also doctors who specialize in conservative spine care, orthopaedic and neurosurgery experts, physical therapists, pain management specialists, psychologists and others. We work together to ensure you receive comprehensive, thorough care.

Safe, Effective Results Our doctors are motivated to constantly improve, so they pay close attention to outcomes and always strive to do better. Your spine pain management specialists stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and advances in treating your spinal injury or condition. This results in safer, more effective procedures and fewer complications.

Find Relief for Neck Pain

If you suffer from neck pain, there's no need to wonder why. Make an appointment with an orthopedic specialist at Shivam Pain Management Centre Ahmedabad to get a comprehensive diagnosis as soon as possible. Call our spine care team at +91-9428595302 to learn more about advanced treatment options for neck injury.

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